Welcome to Dr. Bobbitt’s Dental Pearls

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome my friends, patients and followers to my blog. It is my hope that I can address concerns that affect my patient family most often. I hope to share with you my love of the arts and sciences to which I have chosen to dedicate my life.

Since I was 5 years old, I’ve wanted to be a dentist. In fact, I never considered anything else! I often joke with my patients (and just about anyone who will listen!) that I went to kindergarten because they told me I couldn’t go to dental school without it.

I bring to my beloved profession a diverse background that includes a serious love of art, woodworking, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology.

Dr Bobbitt's self carved bed

Dr. Bobbitt’s self-carved bed

These disciplines, plus a hefty dose of engineering, physics and plumbing, combined with a significant measure of common sense, all merge in my delivery of the best dental care of which I am capable in my downtown Nashua NH dental office. With an understanding of all these branches of learning, I have endeavored to provide the best and longest-lasting dental care for my patient family–whether that care be for general dentistry, dental implants, sleep apnea therapy or any of the disciplines of dentistry.

General dentistry permits me to apply a wide variety of experience, with the potential to be open-ended as a career. Please enjoy the snippets of experience that I hope to weave into a story that will interest you. If an item “strikes a nerve,” I will be happy to reply to you. If it makes you wonder: “Why didn’t my  dentist tell me that?” please feel free to call my office for a face-to-face consultation.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Dr. Bobbitt’s Dental Pearls

    1. sfbdmd Post author

      Of course there are alternatives!! But you’re not likely to like them! Unfortunately, modern, “1st World” diets are so out of whack with health that dental caries (“cavities”) are one of the most common diseases in civilized society. People are so misled by advertisers that they forget basic things that were “common sense” to Grandma and Grandpa: “eat too much sugar and you’ll get cavities”. Coke and Mountain Dew have 10-12 TEASPOONS of pure sugar in a single serving. When you add the acid ph (average about 2.3), the teeth don’t stand a chance!

      Prevention, in dental cases, is worth WAY more than a pound of cure. But try to convince the “teenage you” that you should eat and drink better, floss every day and see your dentist at least twice a year. Good luck! We try, but it sounds like self-service, until, that is, you need us to repair or replace something.

      Thanks for the response–but read on, it may answer more of your questions! Scott F Bobbitt, DMD, MAGD, DICOI



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